NBA Earth

Client: ESPN
January 2008

Wieden+Kennedy worked with me to create a basketball-themed layer for Google Earth as part of ESPN's "Your NBA Destination" advertising campaign.

The layer consists of custom artwork, 3D models, and tons of so-called "placemarks" representing historical trivia, player hometowns, team arenas and as well as a couple of easter eggs.

The KML file can be loaded directly into Google Earth, or you can browse the video and screen captures here.

Initial view of NBA Earth
This layer made extensive use of 3D models, custom placemarks and image overlays.
Choosing a placemark from the sidebar brings up a popup panel to display more information and solicit user submissions.
A glimpse of the geographic content management system I built in order to allow non-specialists to create and maintain placemarks without knowing any KML, the markup language for Google Earth.

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